Over the bank holiday weekend Colin Purdy and his team have been excavating the kitchen of the ground floor flat in order to lay modern damp proofing and insulation. The property Thorne Properties are renovating was built in 1756, although where the kitchen is located was a more recent addition to what was historically a stables. Digging down over two feet we uncovered multiple layers of previous foundations that have been added over the years and uncovered several artefacts including this clay pot amongst the 8 tonnes of rubble and concrete which we removed. In its place we are adding the latest insulation and modern building materials to ensure that the kitchen will be strong and secure for the next 250 years. For more information contact us on 07935 955898 or drop us a line at info@thorneproperties.co.uk


10/03/2016 5:34pm

Is it often happens when you find some antique things while rebuilding a house?

10/03/2016 5:35pm

What was happening with your discover? I'm just curious!

10/03/2016 5:36pm

Any chance to find some antique goods under the basement of my house?) Check it out!


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